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Expect to receive in your mailbox some of the "Spell Bound" cards that I printed at the time. The flash cards (printed on photo paper) come up when one clicks on "why is it spelled this way?".

If this were a board game, opponents would read out the word. As we are talking about an "app", we would need audio files.

I couldn't find a hard copy of the board. Please find attached a PDF version of the board I came up with.

In my mind's eye, this could easily be a single player or a multi-player game. One could set one's preferred level of difficulty, and if it were an "app", one could choose a short, medium or long format (ie: the system would adjust the number of spaces per "language of origin".).

As it was played as a board game (ie: not a computer game), all the spaces were of "regular" difficulty except for the last one per "language of origin". This last space was always a challenging word - sort of like a passport to get to the next language.

It would be great if the system could keep track of the words individual players spell correctly (and thereby not repeat those particular questions) and would keep track of words that are misspelled (at which point the system would explain what the mistake might have been and why" and put that particular word back into the kitty so it can be asked again in future.

Let me know what you think.